Having failed my test twice before, I did an intensive course with Simon, who was really helpful and helped me to pass my test. Really good Instructor, highly recommend.
Dan Waugh
Simon has been the best driving instructor I could ask for! He gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test and helped with the difficulties I had. Such a nice instructor, will miss his chats but it’s time for me to drive myself now! I would highly recommend him to anyone.
Melissa Offer
I cannot thank Simon enough, I highly recommend him! I had been putting off driving for a while due to not having the confidence and simon helped me work hard on my self confidence and was patient with me on every lesson. He put me and ease and made me believe in myself which paid off. Really couldn’t have done it without him such a genuine nice bloke!
Georgia Alexandra
Simon is an excellent driver instructor who helped me pass my practical driving test. Simon is very calm, friendly and provides excellent guidance when teaching the various manoeuvres involved in practical driving. He was patient and clear with his guidance and instructions whilst providing key instructions to be a safe driver in the busy roads of London. Simon is very confident and a person who values the safety of the driver and other road users. I would recommend him to all my family member’s and friends.
Ahmed Sharif
I took my test in December after many of Simon’s lessons and if it wasn’t for him I don’t think I could have done it. Every lesson was catered to what I wanted to achieve and I definitely achieved it every time. Clear and concise instructions at all times and also gave me great life advice as well as resources I could use in between lessons to help with nerves and theory side of things. Couldn’t recommend him enough!
Jack Kitney
After many years and much patience from simon i finally passed my driving test. Simon is not only the best driving instructor, but he is always on hand for extra help. He’s patient, knows just how to work with pupils on an individual level ( what works for some may not for others), and always realistic about driving. No one is perfect but aiming to be safe and confident. Thank you simon, its been a real pleasure
Amy Barns
Simon was able to take me at the last minute for my test day. He took me for a lesson the day before, moved some bits around in his diary for me and spent time on the things I was worried about before the test. Simon also sent me good videos and links to watch straight away. He put me at ease, corrected some habits and made manoeuvres so uncomplicated. I wish I did all of my lessons with him. I’d recommend to all. P.S- I passed my test too!
Kate Harkus
Great driving instructor. Having had previous driving experience he managed to very quickly pick up on my bad habbits and correct them straight away. Very patient and calm and generally a nice guy. 15hr intensive course and got me to pass first time with 1 minor. Would highly recomend anyone to use him.
Lee Stuart Gilchrist
Amazing instructor, He is So patient and has such amazing personality to make you feel at ease. He always answers any questions or queries you need and helps you to drive to the best of your abilities. Would highly recommended you won’t be disappointed trust me give him a call
Tommy Sunday
Amazing instructor! Lovely and easy to get along with. He’s been very patient with me and has shown me that I am able to drive. Passed first time and am extremely pleased and so grateful. Definitely would recommend A huge thanks again Simon!
Rebecca Hall
Simon is a brilliant driving instructor, even when i was nervous he helped me become calm and confident while driving, he is a great teacher and has a good sense of humor. Thank you so much for helping me pass first time
Lynda Saunders
Amazing driving instructor, so patient and genuinely passionate about teaching you to drive for life not just your test. I passed 1st time in croydon with Simon and I’m over the moon and incredibly grateful for the time and effort he put in to getting me ready for the road! Thanks again Simon!
Kat Brown
Simon will challenge you to what your least driving skill is and make it perfect. Shares a lot of knowledge in driving which helped me to understand and drive safely what every driver needs. Focuses on the mistakes you do and make them perfect, will also base a lesson making improvements on the skill. Outgoing driver instructor, always helping to improve and advice. Recommended to people and still will!
1st Time Pass Thank you Simon
Kristina Miseviciute
Amazing instructor! Really good at what he does, all through my lessons he kept me calm and I’m really pleased with my end result passing first time. Thanks Simon
Steve Impett
I had a few instructors, Simon was by far the best. Laid back, relaxed, lets you grow into your driving and a nice guy above all. Super happy that I passed first time, thanks again!
Nathan Nelson
Really Pleased with my end result after hard work with Simon, I’ve had a few instructors but he’s by far the best! Hes way of teaching is brilliant and makes everyrhing seem easy, I highly recommend getting in touch if you want to learn to drive, Huge thanks Simon!!
Matt Mountain
Simon is a brilliant instructor! He is very patient and committed to making you prepared for the test as well as driving after the test! I would highly recommend Simon to new drivers. I would also recommend Simon for drivers like myself who failed their first test, and are returning to driving after a break! Thank you very much Simon!
Ashley Wells
Fantastic instructor, he don’t get angry he don’t get annoyed he will make you smile true you test. How awesome he is, i Pass for the first time. Simon thank you very much you are such a fantastic person
Maame Yaa Serwaa
Simon is brilliant driving instructor. Help build my confidence and abilities to pass first time. Would definitely recommend to all!
Elnara Kulamova
Amazing instructor, and real quality guy. Within the first lesson it was clear that he is really experienced and very good at what he does. I struggled to remember everything and all my processes, but Simon helped me to break things down and think about things systematically. Though he’s very busy, he will always make himself available when you need him most. The car is also one of the easiest cars to drive and is perfect for any learner. Would definitely recommend Simon to a friend. Thank you, Simon!
Dan Bakare
Amazing Driving Instructor that helped me pass the first time. Easy to get along with and would definitely recommend to anyone who wants to be a confident driver. He is very flexible with times of lessons and where they start and finish which is handy if you want to finish in town after. Thank you so much, Simon!
Adam Smith
I have unsuccessfully tried to learn to drive a manual car on a number of occasions, but Simon changed all of that for me. With Simon’s patience, professionalism, dedication and approachable manner, I finally picked up the skills I needed to pass my driving test. Within 3 weeks of lessons I became a qualified driver. Fantastic instructor!
Katie Marsden
Intensive course was definitely the best thing I’ve ever done, Simon gave me the skills & confidence I needed to pass
Jess Stothart
If you’re looking for someone who will teach you how to drive safely and correctly and in a manner that will take you way beyond just passing your driving test then Simon is the man to do so! I came to him after not driving for a little while and started off a little slow but he soon fixed all of these problems very quickly and has taught me with comfort and consistency to be a much better driver! I couldn’t have passed without his experience and knowledge to guide me through. He is the most genuine man you could ever meet too! I highly recommend! Thanks Simon!!
Dominic Grindley
Simon is great at understand the pupil and the way they learn. He adapts to different situations and always gives 100%. This is what you want in a driving instructor. The dedication and passion in driving he teaches will motivate you 10X more. This is an ideal teacher. He will get YOU passed!
Chloe Faye
Very nice man helps with anything you are having with trouble doing when it comes to driving very professional pleasure spending the time with you Simon thanks again
Matt James
The man knows his stuff lost my licence a few years ago, had some bad habits ! He fixed them all in under 4 hours and booked my test and I passed within a WEEK!!! He isn’t Init for the money ! He won’t tell you lies in order for you to book more lessons ! He is a genuine fella and I would recommend him to anyone top marks
Ronnie Lambert
Amazing driving instructor, eased my mind about diving and went through everything thoroughly and easy for me to understand! Will recommend to anyone
Rian Formon
He was a really good Instructer never made me feel small he would always discuss things through with me to make sure I understood what I had to do thank you so much for all your help
Anthony Durrant
So grateful to have had Simon as an instructor. He never made me feel under pressure and I was able to enjoy the lessons as well. Thank you so much!
Kemi Oduntan
Passed with Simon a short while ago. He’s a brilliant instructor, who gives you all the time and help you need. Would 100% recommend to anyone who’s looking for a calm, honest and friendly instructor!!
Jack Christon
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